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Over 25 years in the Horticultural Industry, organic as well as non-organic experience. Involved in multiple projects worldwide. We have on our team all expertise your company needs, from architects to the hands-on crew. We have been working in South America, USA, Canada, Carribean and Europe. If you want your company to be as profitable as possible, DHP is your company for consulting, guidance, design, training and complete construction assistance.


Distributor for different leading products in the market like eazyplug, eazyblock, iflowCo2 bag and proudly one of the three distributors for BioNova the premium foodgrade fertilizer. All our Plugs and Blocks can be special ordered with EC and PH levels of your choice. And the fertilizers from Bionova can be ordered in different sizes, up to 250Gallon tanks.


Our consulting is very flexible, almost in every possible setup. From a one day consult to 2 or 3 year contracts. For longterm contracts the hourly fee will become a monthly fee. The hours will be used for all different aspects of the job, in which the customer decides. Either full consulting and guidance of the grow, training of growers, oversee construction and setup supply chain.

Total Solution:

All combined together, even for a total turnkey solution DHP is the solution. We can do it all for you from A to Z. Our customers decide, from a few days of consulting, to signing a contract for us to give you the keys to a state of the art facility after we are done. No stress for the customer, no need to deal with contracters or architects, we got it all.


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