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Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B fertilizer is the most simple solution for cultivating on cocofiber substrates like slabs, bricks and cocosubstrate (Cocopeat) and the coco system EAZYPLUG. One of the reasons which makes its application so easy is the combination of nutrients for growing and flowering within one product; two bottles/containers is all you need for the entire growth. This fertilizer is free of excess ingredients and contains only minerals, plants are able to absorb directly.In other words: Coco Forte A+B is a complete nutrient solution which has the same convenience of synthetic A/B-systems and the quality of the best organic fertilizers.The basis for Coco Forte is Nutri Forte. All minerals are of a “Food-Grade”-quality and the trace elements are chelated so that they can be absorbed within a larger pH-range.Especially for the coconut substrate, various elements have been added to this A+B fertilizer, which guarantee an optimal growth and flowering on coconut slabs, in particular in the case of re-use. Make sure that the slabs are free of diseases, plagues or viruses in case of re-use.


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