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bn_micromix One of the elements that is indispensable in Bio Nova’s line of liquid mineral fertilizers is magnesium. This product contains: 0.36% Fe (iron HEEDTA); 0.08% Mn (manganese EDTA); 0.4% Bo (boron monohydrate); 0.09% Zn (zinc EDTA) and 0.06% Mo (sodium molybdate). Trace elements are very small amounts of various elements, which are indispensable for a great number of biological processes. A deficiency of such elements immediately manifests itself in the malfunctioning of a great number of the plant’s functions, eventually resulting into all sorts of deficiencies and ultimately the dying off of the plant. A deficiency of trace elements always manifests itself in the young leaves because the trace elements can no longer be transported within the plant. This trace elements-mix should be used in order to solve deficiencies or as a basis for a complete nutrient solution.

A dosage of 1:1000 increases the total amount of:

  • Fe by 100 umol
  • Mn by 25 umol
  • Bo by 140 umol
  • Zn by 16 umol
  • Mo by 5 umol


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