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DHP has already completed a number different projects with Priva, the number one manufacturer in the field of irrigation and water control.

Wherever high demands are placed on the indoor climate, the Priva Blue ID platform offers a 'speed and ease' solution. Priva Blue ID is already a familiar name in the industry, thanks to its simple operation and rapid commissioning.

High demands are, of course, also placed on the indoor climate in the horticulture industry. One degree difference in temperature or a small change in air humidity can have major implications for the quality and quantity of the harvested products. The indoor climate is therefore a crucial and sensitive factor in a greenhouse. But also in the open field Priva meets many needs. In soft fruit for instance, Priva solutions result in 10% more labor efficiency, 20% more quality and production and 30% more water and fertilizer efficiency. And that's great, because it means horticultural entrepreneurs can make big gains by using Priva process computers! Since DHP stands for efficiency and quality, priva is one of the products we proudly offer. The way that everything is operated out of one database makes it the perfect system.


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