We recommend and use only the best fertilizer products for all growing and flowering plants, and are distributors for Bio Nova.


Eazy Grow products are a truly innovative substrate technology, propagation platform and growing medium.


Site and worker cleanliness is paramount in efficient closed growth environments. We distribute only the very best: Elpress, which has been an innovative force for over thirty years.


In recent years, there's been a lot of innovation in the lighting space. We at DHP work with a number of manufactures -- but use SANlight on our own propagation cart.


DHP has done a number of projects with Priva, the worldwide leading manufacturer in the field.

Climate Control

We've used a number of systems in our projects over the years, but we highly recommend DeltaCool Environmental Systems.


There are a number of different brands in the moisture control space, but only a very few are truly industrial grade. That's why we use Anden products in the facilities we design & build.

Rolling Benches

DHP can help you to maximize the space you can use for your crop. The more efficiently your floorspace is used, the more revenue your company generates.


COMING SOON: We have partnered with a renowned European industry leader to finalize what is, in our professional opinion, the optimum microbe blend. We're in final side-by-side testing stages now; as soon as we're satisfied we're delivering the perfect solution, we'll be bringing the line to market.


COMING SOON: Get your official DHP gear including hats, worker shirts, aprons & more.


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